It made sense
for you to slip into my fingers;
to sneak under my skin
in the times we held hands,
and stay there.
And I loved it.

I kept you in my heart
because we both know
that’s where you belonged,
and I couldn’t stop thinking about you,
so it was no trouble
for you to take over my mind.

But I kept you under my ribs to keep
you safe,
you snuck into my feet sometime after
you swept me off of them,
and if they every fingerprint my mouth,
they’ll find your name scattered across my lips.

And I thought this
is what love’s like,
to be consumed by someone so fully,
so entirely,
so completely..
but now I can’t look in the mirror
without only seeing traces
of you.

daisylongmile  I loved him so much that I forgot to love myself.” (via daisylongmile)